ECO Dashboard 100 for ECO Sensor-Gateways

ECO Dashboard 100 for ECO Sensor-Gateways

The ECO-Dashboard 100 software is a fully automatic visualization for the ECO Sensor-Gateways and is based on the Auto-E-Connect system.

No settings have to be made for the visualization. The software exchanges all data on the connected sensors and actuators with the ECO Sensor-Gateway and displays the appropriate instruments. In addition, logging of sensor values is started in the background and graphs are written.

The ECO Dashboard 100 is a good example of how ESERA's Auto-E-Connect system works.

No knowledge about the ECO Sensor-Gateway is necessary. Just enter the IP address of the ECO Sensor-Gateway and off you go. This is how visualization is fun! :-)

The software is intended for:

  • Sales
  • Service and Support

‚ÄčThe software is provided free of charge by ESERA. Based on this software, your visualization could also be implemented.
System requirements: Windows 7 or newer or Linux in Wine environment.