Article number Name Download
11215 Unbekannter Artikel 11215 Download
11216 1-Wire 8-fold digital input 10-30V Download
11218 1-Wire Dual switching module standard 230V 10A with push button interface Download
11220 1-Wire 8-fold switch module 230V 8A with button inputs Download
11221 1-Wire dimmer 1 phase angle control, incandescent lamps, dimmable LED Download
11225 1-Wire PWM output 10V Download
11228 1-Wire 8-fold switch module 230V 16A with button inputs V2 Download
11229 1-Wire 8-fold switching module 230V 8A V2 Download
11230 1-Wire Analog input 4-fold 0-10V Iso 1-Wire bus system Download
11231 1-Wire Shutter Pro shutter control V4 Download